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Stars trailed in almost full moon

Night arrived at Guitar Lake early. That was not necessarily interesting. But what was interesting was that it was just one night shy of a full moon night. Once the illuminating moon in a Waxing Gibbous rose, the area was lit in almost broad daylight. Especially when there was no other source of light, it mattered. From where we were, we had a great view of Mt. Young. However, Mt. Hale, although taller than the first, was not visible because it was sitting far behind the hump that rose right before us. Nonetheless, the North Star ascended right above where Mt. Hale was. As far as the Milky Way went, I had no luck since the moon was extremely bright. But I didn’t mind that. Because it also meant that we would be hiking Mt. Whitney in the full moon light next night. Many JMT’ers and PCT’ers hike Mt. Whitney in the dark to catch the sunrise at the peak. Only a handful of them gets to say that the full moon guided their way to the top.

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