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One more reason to come back

Morning arrived at Precipice Lake. It was time to pack up and get on with the day. It was a rather slow morning though as I had stood up a bit late into the night capturing the moon and the stars. But we knew that it would be downhill all the way to Big Arroyo Junction. From there to somewhere near the halfway to Moraine Lake it would present a bit of climb, gaining as much of elevation that we would lose to reach Big Arroyo Junction. But first, we had to trudge over Kaweah Gap. It was a big deal that we were about to cross the Great Western Divide that we had been looking at for the last two days. This divide separates the Kern and Kings rivers from the western part of Sequoia National Park. Before leaving, we turned around and took one last look at the amazing Precipice Lake. The water glowed in almost emerald green in the sunlight. Part of me still wished that we had stayed here for one more day and climbed Eagle Scout Peak, towering over the lake. Oh, well… One more reason to come back.

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