Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Solitude in serenity

Once done capturing the beauty of the lush Rock Creek, I hopped down over a long stretch of rocks along the stream. Soon I found myself at the confluence of the creek and the mighty Kern River. This little pool right at the bottom of the cascading creek, most likely manmade, offered such a wonderful sense of a private plash with a pleasing view of the ever flowing Kern River. Knowing the fact that this snow-fed river traveled all the way from Mt. Whitney, which was our destination to end this High Sierra Trail backpacking trip, made me feel more connected with nature. The day was waning fast, but I didn’t mind sticking around here a bit longer. I knew that such solitude in serenity could be found only in the wilderness and that it was only the memory I’d cherish later when I look back despite the fact that it would get blurrier as time goes by.

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