Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Mist permeating in air is quite exhilarating

It was still early when we were done setting up our camp at Havasupai Campground. We still had enough daylight to be on our way to check out one of the waterfalls - Mooney Falls. The view of the fall is one of the iconic sights that no one can forget once seen it. Just like Havasu Falls, watching a massive stream of water plunges into the vivid blue-green pool is just mind boggling. The force of the water can be easily felt even at the top of the cliff before going down, and the mist permeating in the air is quite exhilarating. Climbing down the cliff wall to the fall though can be challenging for many - it is fine as long as one takes his/her time - and even impossible for some. The middle to bottom section, only possible by holding onto the chains and wooden ladders, although securely bolted to the wall, would either quench one’s thrill-seeking thirst or test one’s fear of heights.

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