Seascapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Sun was dropping fast

When I arrived at Lunada Bay, it was extremely windy. I wasn’t sure if I should hike the steep dirt trail next to the canyon about 140 feet down to the beach. This curving and twisting trail isn’t necessarily a difficult one, but considering the tact that the wind was blowing at 20 plus MPH and that I was carrying my camera gear, I hesitated for a second. But then, I was already there. It was gusty (and I gotta point out that it got worse on my way up) but I didn't’ trip or step on loose rocks and made it down to the bottom in one piece. I scouted the area for a spot to settle in while walking along the beach. I had taken photos here before but the blustery gale truly didn’t help me feel like venturing farther out to the end where the sight of the cliff stopped. My hands got cold quickly and the numb fingers were moving and responding rather slowly and clumsily while setting up my camera. Contrary to how I felt about my physical being, however, it seemed like the clouds were moving across the sky at a crazy speed while the sun was dropping fast. I soon composed the frame that I liked, locked the focus and pressed the shutter button.

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