January 5, 2018 - H Peter Ji Photography
And there I stood frozen

And there I stood frozen

The last stretch of the blazing sunset glow reached as far as my eyes could see. Everything that my eyes landed on turned red and pink. It was one of those sunsets burning so intense that you could almost feel the heat from it. So surreal that you could see the potent glow cast on yourself, as if it was an out of body experience. And there I stood, frozen and captivated by the ethereal colors.

This is a 4-photo series that I was able to take photos of the gorgeous sunset at Flat Rock Point in Palos Verdes Estate, California. I was quite reluctant to go down to the beach because the sky had been quite depressing. And I almost didn’t go. But, a what-if got into my head and the rest is history. It was one of the most gorgeous sunsets that I witnessed as far as I could remember. The colors were simply gorgeous, and I even felt some kind of out of body experience while feeling the red glow cast onto myself. It was hard to describe in words.

Date taken: 12/10/2017

Location: Flat Rock Point, Palos Verdes Estate, California

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