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What Mother Nature had in mind


Star trails over Silver Pass Lake

Once done with the shots of the Milky Way over Silver Pass Lake facing southwest, I repositioned and pointed my cameras in the direction of Silver Pass. As expected, Polaris, aka the North Star, was hung brightly along with the Little Dipper and Big Dipper above the pass.

The nonstop gale of winds continuously stirred the lake, while the howling echoed through this empty basin, that the reflection of the star trails was completely out of the question. What Mother Nature had in mind was certainly not a tranquil lake into the night.

While the sky remained clear, I soon realized that it was not just the winds that got me shivering, despite the layers of clothing. The dropping temperature made me wish that my sleeping bag was one of the items that I brought with me there.

Part of me kept wanting to call it a night and head back to camp since I knew it was a losing battle. No one wants to hypothermia to happen, and I certainly did not. It almost did once in the past, and I remembered how bad it was.

But, as is often the case, I stick around a bit longer. I really wanted to take as many shots as possible for star trails.

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