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In stream of meteoroids


Milky Way over Deer Creek

Ever lingering smoke at Reds Meadow, predominantly from Lions Fire, gradually dissipated as we continued our journey southbound. The skies cleared up, and the fresh air filled our lungs. And we were assured by the northbound hikers that the rest of the trail would be clear of smoke.

When we arrived at Deer Creek Campground, not a single soul was seen at first. Although later three more hikers joined us, solitude was easily found. While my JMT buddy Henry journaling the day on the voice recorder, I was scouting the area for sunset and night photography.

The downside of camping here and later on at other creeks, as far as photography was concerned, was that it was quite challenging to find clearings, specifically for the galactic core, while having interesting subjects in the foreground.

However, one of the upsides was that it got very dark at nightfall. As we were two nights away from the supposedly most visible night of the Perseid Meteor Shower this year, I was extremely delighted by the sight of the heavenly body already frequently showered in the stream of meteoroids.

While the galaxy was slowly plying across the star strewn sky. While Mars was smearing its red glow on the water surfaces here on earth.

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