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It was about time


Milky Way at moonset

While the moon was traversing the heavenly body, the Milky Way was washed out quite a bit due to its close proximity. It was getting late, but I decided to wait longer for the galactic core to be seen.

I really liked Bear Creek. Although I often find creeks challenging to work with in terms of capturing the galaxy, due to mostly dense, tall trees, this creek offered some clearings, and it was just a matter of patience that one may wait long enough, or till the right time to freeze that moment when the galaxy was erected vertically to his/her liking.

Bear Creek was definitely one of those places where I would love to go back and explore the area more. I gotta admit that reaching the creek via Bear Ridge Trail from VVR wasn’t a walk in the park. But the trail offered spectacular views of Mt. Hooper and other peaks as well as several stretches of Aspens along the trail itself. I even created a few waypoints telling myself that I would definitely come back in the fall. But for now it’ll have to wait till next fall.

The moon dropped over the ridge that was still being illuminated. The galaxy was risen vertically by then. It was about time.

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