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Celestial party going on

Moon overshines Milky Way in company of Mars and Jupiter

Night fell at Evolution Basin.

But the entire basin was not ready to fall in darkness. In fact, it was still bright as day. The moon rose and flooded the world with its bright light that never seem to dim. While the Evolution Lake outlet was illuminating like crazy, in the far distance Mt. Huxley (13,086 ft) jutted up like a spike to reach the starry night sky.

The Milky Way overshone by the moon didn’t stand the chance to show off itself. Well, its close proximity to the moon did that, of course. Mars and Jupiter accompanied the galaxy, though, whether it was faint or not.

At one point, it felt like there was a celestial party going on. All stars gathered around, whether they were faint or not, and they knew that it was time to come out and play.

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