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Trailing Big Dipper

Since I failed to do star trails the night before due to the moonrise, I was quite determined to do it at Cottonwood Lake No. 5. As anyone who has done it knows, it takes an awful lot of time. And it’s not fun waiting idle especially when it’s super cold. However, there’s no other way to do it. I chose one of my favorite ways - set ISO at 200, and the shutter open for more than 13 minutes. In order to compose both the Big Dipper and its reflection in the water in the frame, with the difficulty of maneuvering my position because I was sitting on a boulder barely jutted out into the water, I decided to frame out Polaris. It was one of the quick creative decisions that I had to make. While waiting, I caught more than a few meteors with my bare eyes, then, of course, I didn’t make the connection between those and peak night for the Perceid Meteor Shower.

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