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Lonesome gazer at lake


Milky Way over Silver Pass Lake

By the time when we arrived at Silver Pass, which offered us a spectacular view, an excessive amount of clouds were rolling in the area fast, and the winds started picking up in every direction, as if it didn’t make up its mind.

We hurriedly tramped down the pass and soon reached Silver Pass Lake. It was quite windy and we definitely felt that a shower was in store. It wasn’t easy to find a spot where our camp could be sheltered in behind trees, but eventually we found one, and a quick downpour was only a few seconds away from completing our camp setup.

This long lake that sat at the foot of Silver Pass was quite barren with no trees. The winds swept through the basin like a wind tunnel. The part of the shore where I ended up to capture the Milky Way offered no protection from the winds, and I had to just toughen it out in my layered clothes. Part of me really wished that I had brought my sleeping bag with me to keep myself warm.

As expected the galaxy, led by Jupiter, appeared and traversed the sky, and soon Mars followed. The elongated reflection of the red planet in the water looked quite mesmerizing. As if the glow was trying to reach out to the lonesome gazer at the lake.

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