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Could not have been timed any better


Milky Way over Duck Lake

It was getting dark fast at Duck Lake once the sun fell behind the mountains. The twilight sky was clear of clouds, and the winds stopped blowing fairly often to let the stars shine in the water.

In order to capture the reflection of the Milky Way, I knew I had to be on the opposite side of the lake (as opposed to the outlet of the lake where most of the campsites were), so I decided to hike up the trail towards Mammoth Crest, aka Duck Lake Pass. I didn’t know how far up the trail that I had to trek to find a spot.

By the time I was settled down on a huge slab in the talus off the trail, which was precarious, to say the least, the reflection of the galaxy was almost reaching the lakeshore. I quickly set up my cameras.

In the company of Mars, Jupiter and meteoroids, the galactic core shone brightly and was majestically traversing across the heavenly body. The Perseid Meteor Shower continued throughout the night, which I lost count after a while.

Although I enjoy this particular meteor shower every August, I thought to myself that it could not have been timed any better than this night to witness the spectacular astronomical event unfolding before my eyes.