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In our lifetime


Milky Way over Banner Peak and Thousand Island Lake: JMT201803003

As the evening grew darker, the faint Milky Way appeared in the middle of the sky, contrary to the same galaxy appearing over the ridge line in mid-June.

The wind stopped blowing, which promised a tranquil night with the stillness of Banner Peak in the water. Jupiter and Mars were traversing along with our galaxy across the sky strewn with thousands of stars, and I was simply mesmerized yet again.

I recently finished reading a book called Black Hole Blues, chronicling the journey of scientists for over 50 years trying to detect gravitational waves, like Einstein had predicted. This effort, resulting in detecting its first gravitational wave in late 2015, having travelled the universe 1.4 billion light years, got me more curious about spacetime.

Eventually (after billions of years, when the human species will be likely long gone) all the stars will die, like our sun will in about 5 billion years (although our galaxy will likely collide with the Andromeda Galaxy first). And they will turn into black holes, which eventually will also disappear.

Regardless of any of that, it is truly remarkable to witness what already had happened billion light years ago in our lifetime.

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