Astrophotography - H Peter Ji Photography
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Jutted upwards reaching for stars


Star trails over Devils Postpile

What waited at Reds Meadow for us was smoky skies caused by another fire called Lions Fire. It was as thick as hazy mist that never seems to lift at chilly morning. The smoke was burung inside our lungs.

First order of business at Reds Meadow was resupply. Our resupplies were delivered at the campground by Henry’s family, while his son being picked up and ending his short journey with us on the trail.

Once our camp was set up, we headed over to the resort where we took a shower and got our batteries charged. Night fell, and it was time for astrophotography. I retraced our track back to Devils Postpile, where we had plodded by before reaching the campground.

I dawdled up and down the trails around the monument to find a good spot to frame it with the Milky Way, rising in the southwest. But I soon learned that it was not possible because the galaxy and the monument simply could not be aligned together while the monument’s iconic facade was facing west.

So, I decided to do star trails instead. Very simple composition - posts erected in slight curvy shape was the center of the focus with the piles of crumpled posts in the foreground and stars traveling across the heavenly body.

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