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Slowly traversing heavenly body

On my way to Island Pass from Thousand Island Lake, I had noticed this particular off-trail spot that I later called the best lookout point. The view of both the lake and Mt. Ritter was clear of pretty much everything. So, I had promised to myself that I would stop here on my way back. So, I stopped. What I learned though was that it was a very rocky slope. At first it wasn’t easy to find a patch of flat surface to pitch my tent. After roaming up and down the area for quite a bit, I found a patch that was small but clear of rocks. It was the first time ever when none of my tent stakes was used. Instead I used a heap of big and small rocks to tie it down. A whole lot of stones. The wind wasn’t calming down at all, so I had to make sure that the tent would stay put. Night fell. But it felt like the gale of winds seemed to have gained more strength. Meantime, Jupiter was hung high, just like the night before. And the galaxy was slowly traversing the heavenly body in the company of Saturn. The extremely choppy lake bored nothing of reflection. Nonetheless, no trace of a waxing crescent moon let the galaxy lit up the night sky.

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