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Will us humans be around

I decided to post this star trails that I did at Thomas Edison Lake.


Star trails at Thomas Edison Lake

Once done capturing the Milky Way over Thomas Edison Lake, I replanted my camera and pointed it at Polaris. By this time, the moon was hanging quite high, showering Earth with bright light. At least, this part of the planet anyway.

Above the tall pines, the only thing my eyes only see was the heavenly body strewn with countless stars.

While doing the star trails, I sat in the beach, letting myself get lost in solitude. But then the wind often snapped me out of it. Slightly trembling, it often surprised me that not a single soul was seen nor around. Just me, stars and the winds that never seemed to calm down.

Polaris, aka North Star, is 433 light years away. That’s really far, and yet, it is extremely bright. What many people are not aware of is that it is a multiple star, three of them to be exact, and that it will no longer be called North Star in about 12,000 years. The fact that Earth wobbles causes its axis to move slightly.

Vega in the constellation Lyra is expected to become our next North Star. But then, will us humans be around to witness that?

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