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What enveloped my ears


Milky Way over Tully Hole

Dusk turned into night. And as I expected, the Milky Way slowly faded into view in the middle of the sky over the rocky ridge line. I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time capturing it from where I was because the pines by the creek jutted up high into the sky would blot out the view of the galactic core.

The sound of Fish Creek rushing was more deafening as the night got darker. And yet the sky seemed brighter as more stars coming out. Soon my eyes were fully adjusted to what was surrounding me again.

While my eyes were fixated at the galaxy in silent wonderment, what enveloping my ears was the resonance of the forest… Pines and Spruces exhaling through the cool air, the creek swirling and swerving slowly carving out its path, the hollow branches crackling and twigs breaking nonstop...

Then, my mind slowly drifted away and started wondering how often Tully Hole was visited by furry omnivores. So far we had not run into any of them, and we hoped it stayed that way. In spite of our bear canisters.

The damp forest felt colder as the temperature further dropped. The galaxy rose quite perpendicularly to Earth. It was time to call it a night.

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