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Our galaxy would look same


Milky Way over Banner Peak seen from Island Pass: JMT201802003

The night was calm, and the sky was clear of smoke. The faint Milky Way got slowly brighter as the sky got darker. Thousands of stars were strewn across the heavenly body. Soon Mars followed, and its bright reflection in the lake was just unmistakable.

Mars is the planet that everyone who is into us becoming an interplanetary species is looking at lately. But, let alone the fact that we wouldn’t be able to breathe or walk around like we do here on earth, there is no water that we can call lakes and walk around.

It is projected that it would take at least six months to travel to Mars one way. And space radiation is considered number one risk in sending humans to Mars at this point. I understand that it is the first step to become an interplanetary species, followed by more space travels and planet discoveries in the future, although many will be born on other planets once we become a true interplanetary species, I wonder if it is truly worth leaving everything behind.

But one thing is certain. Our galaxy would look the same when it were seen from Mars.

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