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Burning in orange and pink


Sunset at Crabtree Campground

I turned around and saw a bit of clouds lingering over the forest, and they were burning in orange and pink. I loved how the stream caught a bit of glow in the water.

I had never camped here before even when I hiked by when I did the High Sierra Trail, and I was so glad that I was spending the night here, instead of Wallace Creek, where we had originally planned to camp but decided not to at the last minute (like I mentioned in the previous post).

Plenty of water, plenty of campsites, and even an outhouse toilet on which one can actually sit down!!!

And this is where many PCT’ers stop by and pick up wag bags before summiting Mt. Whitney before they continue north or south. We had been told that the wag bag bin was removed before, but it was still there when we were there. And it makes sense to keep it there, as long as the National Park and National Forest want to keep the Whitney Zone free of human waste.

Once the clouds turned grey, I called it a night and returned to my campsite in the company of headlamp.

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