Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Intense glow


Sunset at Vidette Campground

I liked this campground. I had camped here before when backpacking the High Sierra Trail. It has many campsites spread across the forest and yet is hardly a stop for backpackers. Its weird location (not on the Rae Lakes Loop and kind of midway point from one popular campground to another in most of the JMT’ers or PCT’ers’s eyes) clearly steer them away.

As the sun was setting, I was pretty excited about the intense glow cast on East Vidette Peak from the only open part of the forest. But the real thrilling event was actually waiting for me back at the campsite.

While having dinner, my buddy Henry, already done with his dinner, got a real scare by a sight of a bear. He spotted the bear snuck up on us over 150 yards away and watching us.

Hw jumped on the action of making noises and yelling at the uninvited, furry creature. And I couldn’t just stop what I started, so I had to finish my dinner fairly quickly while he was doing just that.

After a while, we were absolutely sure that the bear was gone, and we took it easy. Not that I thought we were in any harm’s way, but obviously he/she came for food, and we didn’t want to watch the bear messing with our bear canisters.

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