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Mirrored in lake


Clouds over Seldon Pass mirrored in Marie Lake

Before reaching Seldon Pass, my JMT buddy Henry and I decided to stop for lunch/snack at Marie Lake right below the pass. The gradual incline to the lake was quite demanding, especially with quite a bit of resupply that we were loaded only a day ago. So, even before stepping off the main trail to reach the lake, I thought this long lake was pleasantly inviting.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture the clouds hovering overhead mirrored in the lake. Very brief moments of calmness came and went. The winds blew over the ridges that surrounded the lake.

There were a plenty of trees around the lake, unlike Silver Pass Lake, and one could really appreciate shade and wind block. Part of me wished that we had spent the night here. Guess one more reason to return. But then again, what made me more appreciative of the lake was its isolated location.

Hikers must walk by this lake while going up to or coming down from Seldon Pass, so we came across quite a few folks at the lake. One of the hikers caught two trouts back to back within minutes as soon as making his first cast on the water.

Once done resting and taking photos, we put on our heavy packs and started to march up the pass. And I was looking forward to the view from up there.

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