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Last minutes of golden hour


Kearsarge Lake before sunset

The day began with a great climb over Glen Pass, which wasn’t as strenuous as the last three passes, and, in fact, I still found it relatively easy. The views from up there was as awesome as the first time in spite of the winds.

After the descent, it was a continuation of the familiar section of the trail, which I had walked last time when I did the High Sierra Trail. And then our ascent to Kearsarge Lakes from the junction where the trail split, including the trail to Charlotte Lake, began. It wasn’t butt kicking but certainly made my legs work for the distance and elevation.

And it was worth it! What a beautiful place to be!

Since we were settled at the third lake from the main trail, I decided to explore not only the lake itself but also the last lake. I reached a point where I could see the end of the last lake, but the light was escaping fast, so I decided that the third lake would be the subject for the evening.

University Peak rose at the end of the valley where one of the inlets for this lake was located. The last minutes of golden hour persisted on the peak as the others started sinking in the shade.

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