Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Let solitude of self float away


Thomas Edison Lake at sunset

As we were descending into the steep valley, the elongated Thomas Edison Lake slowly came into view. The water definitely was low. While waiting at the landing for the ferry, the light rain forced us to produce ponchos a few times.

It wasn’t a short ride to VVR, it turned out, so we were glad that we didn’t walk. What welcomed us there was a small but thriving community filled with workers, campers and guests staying at the cabins. It had been only (yes only) 4 days since we left Reds Meadow, but a hot shower was definitely something that we were looking forward to.

Prior, we had kept hearing about this steak at VVR from quite a few northbounders, so we didn’t think twice about splurging on NY steaks for dinner. Gotta admit that it was a damn good steak. As the sky slowly dimmed through the dense forest, I fetched my camera gear and headed out to the shore.

From afar Recess Peak rose beyond Bear Ridge. And as the sunset glow descended upon the mountains, the jagged peak glowed in red like amber.

To its right the valley that we came down was sinking slowly under the pink clouds in the company of Earth’s Shadow.

To its right the hilly ridge line ran all the way to Mt. Hooper.

With no presence of another person near me, I just let a solitude of self float away in the water.