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Red glow descended upon ridge


Bear Creek at sunset

On this day my buddy and I got separated. And when we met up again at Bear Creek Junction, which was our destination for the day, we realized that he took Bear Creek Trail and that I took Bear Ridge Trail. My understanding was that he mostly hiked along the creek on a gradual but persistent incline. I gained and lost a lot of elevations in the company of some spectacular scenes, such as Mt. Hooper. I was glad that I climbed the ridge although my heavy pack slowed me down quite a bit.

After dinner, I stayed by the creek and waited for the sunset glow once I found a spot that I liked. While waiting, I wondered if we were going to have a sight of bears since the name of the creek bears just that. This silly thought was stemmed from a sight of deer that we enjoyed at Deer Creek several days ago. But then again, we saw many deer everywhere while hiking almost every day.

The creek was flowing nicely. I wondered though how much of water would be running when snow melts in spring. As beautiful as it was, I got the sense that this wasn’t too popular. To be honest, it is always nice to find sites like this where I can enjoy solitude.

Soon the red glow descended upon the ridge at the far end of the creek.

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