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Undulating in gentle breeze


Evolution Meadow at golden hour

I wasn’t planning on posting this but took a second look and changed my mind.

Once we got settled in at our campsites, I grabbed my cameras and made my way into the meadow through a wall of tall pines that enveloped our campground in. Dry tall grass, like tall reeds, was gently being swayed and caressed by the persistent breeze.

While the shadows grew longer and longer across the meadow, more clouds gathered over Le Conte Divide, which was quite promising to my eye. I originally hoped to include the shallow stream called Evolution Creek, snaking through the dry field, but it was already sunk in the ever growing shadows of the pines to my left, so I decided to go against it.

The sun sank further, and soon the meadow turned into a golden sea of grass like a field of wheat waiting for harvest. The shimmering grass was undulating in the light breeze.

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