Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Glad that I was there


Rae Lakes at sunrise

While having one camera set up facing Fin Dome and catching a beautiful sunrise glow descending upon it, I had the other camera ready and wait for the glow to be cast on the Painted Lady. As strenuous as it was to carry two cameras and multiple lenses during the trip, this was one of those moments where carrying two cameras actually shone.

The morning air was fresh and crisp, and the water was calm. Based on two trips to this lake I made, I find that it was rather windy and cold, but also was relatively calm in the early morning and at night.

Just looking at the peaks and ridge lit up like crazy was simply worth every ounce of weight that I carried to this lake.

All I could reflect at that moment was that life was beautiful and worth living. Because no material things would make me happy. Nothing lasted. Only memories lingered. And I was glad that I was there.