Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Way that light made its way down


Sunrise at Bear Creek

The sky was barely shed its dark shade when I crawled out of my tent. My body was still sluggish, waking up in the chilly morning air, as I fetched my gear. It felt like sauntering down to the creek was happening in slow motion. Or maybe my body was responding slowly as my eyes were still getting adjusted to the dim surroundings.

What I liked about our campsites, besides the fact that it seemed not so popular but perfect for solitude, was that they were quite close to the creek. I planted the tripod at a spot I liked and composed a shot with the stream of water gushing down the creek like a broken faucet. And the I put down my favorite sit pad and sat on it.

Soon my eyes were drifted away, searching for anything interesting. A waiting game.

The sound of Bear Creek was deafening. And I thought either that my eardrums got completely numbed out or that I was still not fully awake.

As the sun neared the top of the ridge, the sky lit up. And the way that light made its way down over the creek was quite pleasing. It was time to press the remote trigger.

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