Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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For one last time


Evolution Lake in morning

While our packs were all ready to go, the Evolution Valley view just wouldn’t let us go. At least, I wasn’t ready yet. Particularly when both Colby Meadow and my favorite McClure Meadow that Evolution Creek was snaking through looked more like an oasis in the deepest forest one can get to.

While the monolithic granite dome Hermit was overlooking the pine-rich valley (most likely the lodgepole pine and firs), the thin, wispy clouds traveling overhead helped create a mesmerizing view of the entire basin being caressed by and adorned with the patches of constantly moving shadows.

I was soon rushing to picture the white snow covered valley in my mind. Although it would be physically demanding to get to, I can’t even fathom how beautiful winter wonderland the entire basin would become.

Part of me wished so badly that we had had another day to spend there. Again, especially when Evolution Lake wasn’t a close place to get to from any trailhead. I packed up my camera gear and headed out while keeping turning around to see the valley for one last time.