Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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What I fancy to remember


Kearsarge Lakes in morning

It was all gone. Although the clouds lingered, no more pink and purple smudges.

The air felt cool, close to chilly, as all the senses of my consciousness returned.

Crisp. I breathed in hard. As much as I could. As fast as I could. As if I could hold it in even after leaving this place. As much as all my blood cells took advantage of it.

Then, I wondered how long this moment would last in my memory. In particular, if I didn’t take photos. As the memory fades, I am sure I would recall this moment differently.

As if what I remember is what I fancy to remember, rather than what I actually saw.

Not only do our memories have expiration dates but also they go stale. The question is, how long do we want to hold onto them.