Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Lasting moment of tranquility


Rae Lakes at sunrise

As the sun rose higher, the world got brighter. And I loved that lasting moment of tranquility where the calm water let the stretch of glow cast across the ridge reflected in the water. Probably because I knew that the calm surface would be disturbed soon. It was such a precious moment.

Again, I wanted to see more clouds in the sky, but obviously it was not something that I had control over. So, I focused on what was happening before my eyes.

It was only the end of the first part of the morning routine, and I still had to tackle with the rest - breakfast to have, the tent to break and the gear to pack.

I was quite excited about that day’s destination - Kearsarge Lakes. I had been looking forward to taking photos of it even before the JMT began.

I hurried back to my tent to get on with the day.