Landscapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Twenty Dollar View

Once I stood at the foot of the glacier-fed Moraine Lake, the Valley of the Ten Peaks spread in front of me. The view, aka, Twenty Dollar View, is one of the most iconic views in the world. The crystal clear water reflected the impressive array of the majestic peaks. They’re all 10,000 plus feet high, Deltaform Mountain being the tallest - 11,234 feet. It would’ve been cool to have kept all the original Nakoda, aka the Stoney Indians, names, such as Shakhnowa, instead of Deltaform, though. Only three peaks have kept their Indian names - Tonsa, Neptuak and Wenkchemna.

Valley of the Ten Peaks -- Mt. Fay, Mt. Little, Mt. Bowlen, Mt. Tonsa, Mt. Perren, Mt. Allen, Mt. Tuzo, Deltaform Mountain, Neptuak Mountain and Wenkchemna Peak(from east to west)

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