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Every bit of serene tranquility


Sunset at MTR

The switchbacks that we were walking down to reach Muir Trail Ranch, aka MTR, offered a pretty cool view of the valley that the ranch was tucked in. I also thought that particular section of the trail would have been quite challenging to climb in the sun as the trail offered almost no shade.

The ranch turned out to be quite small. There was no cafe or modern toilets, like the ones that a thru hiker would appreciate at Vermilion Valley Resort. We learned that mail, such as our resupply buckets, was picked up at Florence Lake and brought in by either mules, horses or trucks.

Once settled in at the campground established by South Fork San Joaquin River, we explored the area a little. We were told that there were hot springs across the river. My buddy Henry and I decided to check it out early next day.

As the sun was setting, I grabbed my gear and headed down to the river, which was quite shallow. I set up my camera and waited for the sunset glow to be cast upon the ridge in the distance. Soon the bright orange glow slowly fell on the ridge while the tall pines along the river stood tall.

I could taste every bit of serene tranquility permeating through the forest.

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