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As blue as ocean


Afternoon at Bullfrog Lake

The day before my buddy Henry and I got off the trail via Kearsarge Pass and into the town of Independence, where we picked up the last resupply for our journey, took a shower, enjoyed a proper meal and slept in bed.

Next morning we got a ride back to Onion Valley Campground and climbed over Kearsarge Pass to get back on the JMT. The weight felt heavier, as it often did with the fresh resupply, but when the elevation gain was about 2,600 feet, I really felt it.

On our way back to the JMT, we made a stop at the gorgeous Bullfrog Lake, which I had heard about its beauty so much. We definitely planned to stop there. And when we got there, we met a National Park Ranger and had a great conversation for quite a while.

The quiet and peaceful afternoon vibe was simply beyond anything to compare. With a blue sky that produced not a single cloud above our heads, the lake looked as blue as the ocean. As inviting as it was, I knew how cold it was.

Besides, we weren’t camping here. Nor were we allowed. It was one of the few lakes where camping was not allowed. So, our journey continued. We had already said goodbye to the ranger who left us earlier. Soon it was our turn to leave one of the prettiest lakes in the Eastern Sierra behind.

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