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Intense orange and red


Evolution Basin at sunset

After gaining an elevation of over 800 feet, we reached one of the most popular lakes on the JMT - Evolution Lake.

Three NOBO JMT’ers at MTR had given us a tip about a spot to camp with a valley view, so we plodded straight to the spot upon arriving. And there it was - the spectacular view of Evolution Valley that we had hiked through in all afternoon.

Once we were settled in, I started ambled up and down Evolution Creek with my camera gear for a bit, and soon I didn’t want to be just stuck on the side where I was. So, I decided to cross the creek.

The current was fast and the sound was quite deafening. In spite of the fact that it was mostly waist deep, I managed to find a spot where the water only came up to just above my knees. The trickiest part was of course not to trip and fall and get my gear wet. I rolled up my pants and marched in the water. The extended tripod became a cane to help me not trip in the fast current.

Once safely back at the campsite, I got ready for the sunset.

The ridge that rose like a wall, ran along the lake and reached Mt. Haekel (13, 418 ft) in the far end soon turned intense orange and red.

And shortly after the entire Evolution Basin turned orange and red.

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