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Turning yellow and orange


Sunset at Evolution Meadow

Part of me wished that we had had a rest day at MTR. But that wasn’t an option. We were on schedule. So, we left for our destination for that day - Evolution Meadow.

We hiked along South Fork San Joaquin River till it eventually met Evolution Creek, which meant that we were now entering Evolution Valley. After climbing about 700 feet, we reached Evolution Meadow. It had three different campgrounds, and we opted for the farthest to save time for the next day, besides the fact that there were quite a few backpackers at the first two campgrounds.

The last campground was perfect because it offered a clearing in the valley, unlike the first two. And the view of Le Conte Divide in the far distance reminded me of how far we came from the junction.

A couple of deer kept us company at first but soon left us to the serene atmosphere that slowly sank around us. Other than a hiker who hastily headed his way northbound, no one else was around us.

As the ever lingering clouds left me quite hopeful, I set up my cameras and waited. Once the sun quickly dropped behind the divide, the whole world slowly started turning yellow and orange. What I had been anticipating for the last hour was happening.

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