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Mysterious green stripe

One of the popular waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park is Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, which is 308 feet tall, which makes it the tallest waterfalls in the park. I was hoping to catch this gorgeous waterfalls from a lot lower vantage point, close to Yellowstone River, but the dirt trail off of Rim Trail that I got on led me to a dead end. After searching for another way for a bit, I had to settle at Lower Lookout Point for the view. I got the impression though that the park used to allow people to go farther down, but that was no longer the case when I was there. By the way, it was quite fascinating to witness the green stripe forming. According to Yellowstone National Park, it is caused by a notch right at the brink that keeps the water from mixing with air and becoming frothy, which in turn makes it look darker as it goes over the edge. It looked quite mysterious in person.

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