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Flowing scary fast

The sky was never clear of the clouds. In fact, moments of sprinkling lightly continually came and went, and I kept finding myself retrieving my poncho, thinking that it may turn into a downpour. But it held off pretty well at least till I reached Bishop Pass. One of the places I explored was Long Lake, which was almost a mile long and sat right by the trail. But I wasn’t interested in the view from the trail side. I wanted to see was other views that each corner of the lake had to offer, in conjunction with Mt. Agassiz. I rambled down to one of the outlets, thinking that I could go up high on Hurd Peak, which sat on the other side of the lake. It turned out that the stream wasn’t shallow at all to ford. In fact, it was flowing scary fast. Great for photography but not so much for crossing. I may have been my last day on earth if I got swept away in the water!!! While telling myself that I must take another trail to get to the peak, I decided to do long exposure here with one of the twenty tallest peaks in California in the background.

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