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As unhurriedly as possible


Sunrise at Sallie Keys Lakes

I hate rushing. And that dawn was one of those moments where I felt like I was. Probably overslept by a half hour, I grabbed my gear and hastily bolted up the trail. While my heart was beating hard, I frantically surveyed the area. A huge boulder drew my attention.

I got off the trail and scurried across a rocky patch of the slope as gaining a bit of elevation. The impassable manzanitas between these rocks constantly, and annoyingly, poked my legs.

It had etched a very distinctive visual of Sallie Keys Lakes and the mountains beyond them in my mind while we were coming down from Selden Pass the day before. The view had never left my mind.

The boulder, size of the original Hummer, it turned out, was flat on top, so I climbed it with a bit of effort. I set up my camera and checked the time. A sigh of relief followed, realizing that I wasn’t late.

Starting with the tallest Mt. Henry (12,196’), the beautiful glow soon descended upon the peaks.

While the grassy meadow filled with manzanitas was enveloping the tranquil lake, the mirror like lake held the reflection of the dense pine forest absolutely still. With the sky infused in the pink and blue Earth Shadow, the looming peaks were painted in unmistakable pink and orange.

Elated, I savored the remaining minutes of solitude as unhurriedly as possible.

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