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Looked immaculate


Sunrise at Sallie Keys Lakes

Once done capturing the sunrise glow cast on Mt. Henry and other peaks from a higher vantage point, I packed up my gear and retraced my trail across the rocky patch filled with manzanitas that were busy poking my legs second time around.

What greeted me back at the campsite was the view of the sunrise glow cast on the ridge by the lake. And the shadow of the ridge on the other side of the lake was retrieving fast. I hopped down the boulders with my camera to be as close to the water as possible.

Other than a few ripples caused by trouts, the reflection of the ridge in the water looked immaculate. Perfect mirror like symmetry pleased my eyes.

The tranquil moment lasted till the shadow completely vanished. And soon it was time for breakfast and then to pack up and get moving. And our destination - MTR - awaited.

Also our resupplies awaited. We were quite excited about that.

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