Seascapes - H Peter Ji Photography
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Embers of charcoal came to life

The clouds in the sky during day looked really promising. Although the clouds lingered, however, by the time when I got to the beach, a thick marine layer just stood over the horizon like a wall where the sun was dropping. Even after the sun was set, the thick grey layer grew paler. I thought to myself that it was another dud, just like so many duds that I had seen. Part of me just wanted to pack it up and leave. But I just didn’t. And then something unexpected started happening. As if embers of charcoal came to life by freshly circulated air. The thick layer literally started glowing in orange. And then from orange to red. And then all the clouds started turning red, as if the large number of embers blown by the wind started kindling a fire. It was happening fast. The water turned red. And then in purple. I was so glad that I stayed put.

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